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Slovenj Gradec

August 21-27th, 2023

A week in the city of birth of Hugo Wolf


of Madness

Public concert 


F.Schubert, C.Debussy, R.Strauss,

B.Britten, L.Berio


Juliette de Massy, soprano

Nejc Lavrenčič, piano

August 22d 2023, at 20:00 h 

House of birth of Hugo Wolf, Slovenj Gradec



Working sessions
& Pre-dinner

August 22-26, 2024

Hugo-Wolf birth house,

Music School of Slovenj Gradec

Workshops with

Nejc Lavrenčič, Pianist (Songs by Wolf and Schumann)

Mojca Vedernjak, Mezzosopran (Female composers)

Juliette de Massy, Sopran (Warming up and interpreatation)

Maja Drobne, trainer of cultural management

Sonja Čandek, Social pedagogue and M.Sc. of sciences



Public presentation
of YES Participants

26th August 2023, at 19.00h

Hugo-Wolf-House, Slovenj Gradec

Public concert of the participants of YES! Young Europe Sings Academy

Music by F.Schubert, H.Wolf, Fanny Mendelssohn, Pauline Viardot a.o.


Lovro Korošec and Barbara Verhovnik, Slovenia

Sara Lešnik and Ivana Tripković, Slovenia

Domen Vurnik and Lucija Lorenzutti, Slovenia

Rebeka Pregelj and Ana Maria Beguš, Slovenia

Parvati Maeder and Camille Thoorens, France

Jared Andrew Michaud and Christina Koti, France

Virgile Pellerin and Manon Minvielle-Debat, France

Hannes Nedele and Dani Zhogovska, Germany

Lara Rieken and Max Hampl, Germany


Video Channel

Soon available with videos of the Workshops and performances

More impressions
from Slovenj Gradec