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Timeframe: 1st February 2023 – 31st January 2025

Age of participants: 18 to 30 years old



The project is created as cooperation between three cultural societies in Slovenia, Germany and France with specialization in the art of Lied-Singing. "Young Europe Sings" intends to create and promote the new business model, as well as to strengthen the activities of organizations in the arts. 18 young people from France, Germany and Slovenia will be chosen after an audition which is going to take place in every of the three partner countries. The project will also encourage the development of relevant skills and innovations in culture related to the implementation of the specifics of Art song literature and will support the participants in entering the labor market and continuing their career development.



The project implement 3 training modules that will take place in all partner countries. Each module will deal with the different topics of performing Lied from different perspectives and will cover the important contents of cultural management and career development. As part of the training modules, concerts by young musicians and lecturers will be held for a wider audience. Multiplicative events of participants will follow with support of mentors in order to use acquired knowledge and skills.



"Young Europe Sings" connects cultural and artistic actors in the local and international environment, that includes in their activity's education and concert events. It will impact the strengthening of the capacity of the organizations involved in the project, enable the mobility of young musicians and train/strengthen the participants so that they can more decisively and purposefully join the labor market. An educational model includes intensive mentoring support by established musicians.

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